Tale of the Tape

Birth: 9lbs 5oz, 21.5 inches
One Month: 9lbs 12oz, 23 inches
Two Months: 13lbs 1oz, 25 inches
Three Months: 14lbs 9oz, 26 inches
Four Months: 16lbs, 27 inches

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Party at Grandma's House

Lily and Marlow were having too much fun last week at Grandma's house. This is totally going to be one of those photos that when Lily and Marlow grow up they are going to look back and laugh as much as Michelle and I do when we see this picture. So cute!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hello my lovelies! We are working on keeping this blog updated more frequently - it is on our to-do list along with cleaning out the basement, working out in the mornings and eating out less, so needless to say no guarantees. Lily Beans is now 4 months old and we can't begin to share with you how much she has changed in these last few weeks. She has expanded her vocabulary to include a variety of high pitch squeals, giggles and coo's and I am convinced she is testing her volume control, as well. We are working with her to roll over...however, as you can see in the picture, she is pretty content on her back and is in no hurry to go anywhere. Actually, I can't blame her...she does look pretty relaxed. We often find her sleeping like this - oh, to be a baby. We also started feeding her cereal and fruits and she loves it. We still crack up every time she takes her first bite and gives me the "what the hell is this?" face.

I recently went back to work and we are adjusting well into our new schedule. Granny Mac comes down and watches Lily on Mondays (we are so grateful - shout out to GrannyMac!) and Lily goes to "school" at the Blue Ash Educational Building the rest of the week. Her caretaker, Miss Gina, reminds us often that Lily is her favorite in the class. Uh, huh - we knew it. I mean, how could anyone resist those cheeks? We receive daily report cards which I hang on the fridge proudly. Dropping Lily off at daycare was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I can honestly say I have a new found respect for working moms and am so proud to be a part of such a strong and fabulous group of women.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Newest Addition To Our Family!

What an exciting week we have had! We are proud to announce our first niece was born on Monday, February 15th! Marlow Bloom made her debut at 8:10am weighing 8lbs 2oz and 20 inches long. And we have one word to describe her: perfect! She and mom are both doing great and are going home today. Lily can't wait to show her cousin the ropes.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

We are celebrating Lily's first Valentine's Day this weekend. And of course, she has the wardrobe to match! Lily has recently found her thumb and it has become her new favorite pastime. She is looking forward to spending her first Valentine's Day with her valentine....her daddy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Pics!

Almost 3 months!

It has been a while, and a fast couple of months, since Lily last checked in!

She is doing VERY well. She is starting to show signs of her first tooth, and actively engages in conversation! She is getting acclimated very nicely with her rowdy brothers. At last weigh in, at her two month visit, she was 25 inches long, and weighed over 13 pounds! That is enough for her to register off of the charts for her age group.

Her three month visit is on Feb. 18th.