Tale of the Tape

Birth: 9lbs 5oz, 21.5 inches
One Month: 9lbs 12oz, 23 inches
Two Months: 13lbs 1oz, 25 inches
Three Months: 14lbs 9oz, 26 inches
Four Months: 16lbs, 27 inches

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

We are back home!

It feels good for us both to be back on Catherine, showing Lily around her new place, and settling into our routine. Danielle finally agreed to turn the heat on. Our house now looks a jungle, but a cool kind of jungle, with all of the flowers (Thank you Nicki, Michelle, Peggy, Jayne, and Donna and crew).

In the past couple of days, Lily has had several visitors. Wednesday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAYNE), Duncan and Don came to visit. Duncan brought three great outfits, and a cool baby toy. Don (and Jenni) ushered in almost the entire produce section of Kroger, magazines, candy bars - his mother made a fantastic blanket, a baby CD, and a bib. Which one of you hooligans is next on the baby shuttle? We are blessed to have such great friends.

BTW - Kevin and Michelle - we have used the entire Target gift card already! THANK YOU!

Thursday, Jean and the D Train surprised us with a great meal, and Mimaw Dar and Grandpa Dan brought a chocolate pie (yum)! Jean also brought a handmade fleece blanket and pillow. And by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY D Train.

Lily and I watched the Dayton Flyers beat Georgia Tech, that is always a good way to start the afternoon. Although Lily doesn't fit into her Dayton Flyers uniform just yet, she nearly crapped her diaper the game so close.

The in-home visit with the nurse was perfect. Lily is gaining weight again, her color is rosy, and she is right where she needs to be. Danielle is recovering nicely and back to herself - but she now feels more "accomplished."

Tomorrow, Lily has her first visit to the pediatrician (the same doctor that looked after Danielle and her sisters). After we dust the cobwebs off the the doc, we'll give an update.

I have included a picture of Danielle and Lily making their way out of the hospital. I am so proud of Danielle and our little Lily Bean.


  1. I will just continue with my crazy comments! I just know Lily Bean brought the Flyers some luck today. I am glad she is home. That you are all home. How are the dogs doing? Or are they on "vacation" right now?
    (BTW, I have this blog in my Google Reader, I am not stalking you guys, but I get an update whenever you update the site)

  2. Megan,

    Thanks for the comments. We are not the most blog savvy people, but are catching the hang of it.

    Look for music, videos, maybe even music videos!

  3. I've had a blog for about 3 years now that I write about kids literature. I read about 50 blogs a day. Blog comments are fun because then you know people are reading. If you get music, videos, and music videos, you will then be blog savvy! Dare I say, even more blog savvy than me ;)